Providing Services to the Energy Industry

Moxie Energy's experience in managing all phases of energy project development is well documented through our many successful projects.  Our across-the-board capabilities allow us to organize the many disciplines needed for the successful completion of all types of energy projects.  Knowledge and close coordination of all the disciplines needed to see projects from the initial concept stage through development and construction then into operation stage makes for a more timely and cost-effective development process.  The same knowledge and coordination we put into practice in the development stage of a project results in better, more efficient operating facilities.

Environmental & Regulatory Management
  Multi-jurisdictional experience - federal, state, local and international
  Power plants of various sizes and technologies
  Energy storage using various technologies
  Pipelines - interstate, intrastate, onshore and offshore
  Electric Transmission lines
Feasibility Review
  Initial regulatory reconnaissance for both new and expansion projects
  Preliminary financial and marketing analysis
  Due diligence for acquisitions or sales

  Technical design review
  Site layout, preliminary design, and heat and water balances
  EPC contract negotiations
  Equipment supply negotiations
  Owner's Engineer

Public and Political Affairs
  Public outreach and hearings
  Political consultations
  Community programs


  Negotiation of project documents
  Litigation avoidance or support


  Pro forma creation and review
  Financing strategies
  Oversight of lender review
  Staffing and management
  Budget creation and control