Providing Services to the Energy Industry

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The Moxie Liberty Generation Plant will be sited in one of the most prolific natural gas production areas in Pennsylvania and the world.  Using Pennsylvania's abundant natural resources within the State rather than shipping the resources to other states is a VALUE-ADDED PROPOSITION.         
        It brings permanent, high paying jobs
        It brings a significant, long term tax base
              Will be used to fund schools
              Offset property taxes currently being paid by residents and businesses
        It provides a stabilizing factor for lower energy rates in the area
              Lower energy rates may attract additional businesses
              Lower energy rates may help produce more jobs
        It provides clean energy to Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

The Moxie Liberty Generation Plant will be located in Asylum Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania on approximately 30 acres of land.  This location was selected due to its proximity to the high voltage transmission line adjacent to the site and the interest in developing that area as an industrial/commercial corridor.  Currently, the proposed project site is being used as cropland.  It is located outside of the 100-year floodplain and other critical environmental habitat.

The figures below show the project site and surrounding area, a general overlay of the power plant, and the location of major surface water bodies and roadways.  As seen in the figures the project site is located on the east side of Route 187 near the bridge that connects Asylum with Wysox.

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