Providing Services to the Energy Industry


The electric power produced at the facility - approximately 950 megawatts on average - will be enough to supply approximately 900,000 homes with clean power generated using domestic fuel. 

Right now, Moxie Freedom expects that the power produced at the facility will be sold into the PJM Interconnection open market, which is an electric transmission grid covering several states (including Pennsylvania) and serving millions of people.  First use of the energy will be local, then regional, then system-wide.  The new power plant will go far to support the need for affordable, reliable electricity in both Luzerne County and Pennsylvania.

In order to deliver the power into the electric grid, Moxie Freedom will connect into the 500 kV high voltage transmission system that runs adjacent to the project site.  Minimal upgrades to the existing transmission system, including a new switchyard to be located on the project site, will be required to accept the power that will be produced by the facility.  Moxie Freedom is currently working with the transmission owner to determine the exact extent of those upgrades.