Providing Services to the Energy Industry

Moxie Energy, LLC was formed to develop, own, and operate clean energy infrastructure projects, and to provide consulting services to the energy industry.  Our focus is wide-ranging as new energy areas emerge - such as shale gas, solar power, and offshore wind - and conventional energy technologies continue to be improved.

Moxie Energy's top executives have extensive experience in energy project development using a wide range of technologies, including the following:

        Natural gas facilities designed for simple-cycle, combined-cycle, and cogeneration operation

        Small to large-scale biomass facilities

        Wind energy facilities of various sizes and technologies

        Natural gas and liquid pipelines (interstate, intrastate, and offshore)

        Energy storage technologies, including liquefied natural gas (LNG) and pumped hydro-electric

        Large scale hydro-electric projects

        High voltage electric transmission lines

        Solar energy projects

The Moxie Energy development concept is designed around close coordination of all the disciplines needed to manage successful energy projects, including engineering, design, government and public affairs, and finance.  We also bring a thorough understanding of the interplay between federal, state, and local regulatory processes.  The skills and knowledge we have gained in our many years in the energy industry ensures that all our projects are completed in a timely, predictable, and cost-effective manner.

The Moxie Energy business model is flexible.  Our development services may extend from outright ownership and operation of small-scale projects located on client sites to partial ownership of large-scale projects to fee-based assignments.  As consultants, Moxie Energy's services are offered under a wide variety of compensation scenarios, as adjuncts to client staffs, or as project partners.